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CLEARENERGY aims to be recognized as an organization of excellency in the Engineering branch, so that we can provide an innovative service plenty of quality, focusing its activity in reducing global energy consumption and the satisfaction of its customers and market in general.


To fulfil its Vision, CLEARENERGY is focused on activity in the development of its employees through cooperation, performance analysis and technologic development, contributing to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of its staff as well as their inter-personal development. To ensure quality of the service and the satisfaction level of its customers, the CLEARENERGY bet on feedback from the integration processes of its customers and uses the best market practices in its business process and adaptation of its offer.


CLEARENERGY values attention to detail, commitment, quality of service, orientation for clients and results.


To achieve out our mission, CLEARENERGY is focused on the training of its staff in customer satisfaction, in continuous process improvement and excellence of its projects. CLEARENERGY undertakes to establish the Quality Policy with the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the QMS, as well to meet the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2008, laws and regulations applicable to their activity.


HVAC Projects, using the most modern software of simulation and modelling.


The indoor air quality is a growing concern, because we pass 90% of our time indoors.


Improving energy performance, decreasing bills and reducing CO2 emissions.

Why choose clearenergy


Clearenergy is certified in Quality Management System Scope, according to the standard ISO 9001:2008 since the beginning of 2011, which positions us in the market with added value of security methods and procedures adopted, translating into a final product of higher quality.

Trusting us

Clearenergy aims to be recognized as an excellent organization in the field of engineering, in order to provide an innovative service with quality, focusing its activity in reducing global energy consumption and the satisfaction of its Clientes. We value attention to detail, commitment, quality, customer orientation and results.


Clearenergy has a team of employees with signed expertise in the sector, based on many years of experience in the area with levels of higher and further education in engineering. We have extensive experience in energy efficiency which cuts across all our activity.

The best solution

We have successfully helped to significantly reduce the use of energy and the carbon footprint which translates into substantial annual savings. We make it more efficient, using rationally energy and reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.


The price cost of the solutions studied and/or implemented by clearenergy are the most efficient and takes into account the actual needs of each user.

Commitment with results

Clearenergy fits in the concept of "Energy Service Companies" (ESCO) to provide a distinctive service and high commitment with the results. We develop and study the solution and ensure your savings.



11 September 2015

Instalation of Fotovoltaic Solar, Contact us here

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